July 2014 No. 3

Featured Recipe ~
Slow-cooked Beef Shin with Orange

Beef shin is a very cheap cut of meat but long, slow cooking produces a surprisingly tender result.
With food becoming more expensive every day, it’s great to have an option which is so inexpensive, tasty and easy to cook.
This is a hearty winter dish that can also be cooked in advance. Read the recipe….

Slow-cooked Beef Shin with Orange
Segmented oranges

Featured Ingredient ~ Oranges
During winter, oranges are in abundance; juicy, sweet, packed with Vitamin C and great for helping to ward off those nasty cold and flu symptoms. Originally from South-east Asia, they are now grown in any temperate climate the world over. Read more about the different types of oranges and their uses here. Add a new dimension to some of your best-loved dishes or try out the Beef Shin above, my Citrus Marmalade or my Butternut Soup, ideal on a cold wintry day.

Let’s go back to basics ~
Gluten-free Dark Chocolate Cake

A great chocolate cake recipe is a wonderful addition in any cook’s repertoire and this one is a perfect choice with afternoon tea, or for that matter, with morning coffee.
Delightful, decadent, delicious!
This chocolate cake is very rich, using three slabs of dark chocolate, and remains fresh and moist for a couple days even though it uses gluten-free flour. It’s very easy to make and will easily serve 8 people. Because it’s so rich, a small slice goes a long way.
Gluten-free Dark Chocolate Cake ~ Read the recipe…

Gluten-free Dark Chocolate Cake